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Power Macintosh 8200/120 - Another Beige Project

Apparently I need more beige projects with Apple badges on in my life.

This project is exactly that. It's a Power Macintosh 8200/120, a non-US model. I got it for a very cheap price (considering how expensive "vintage" Apple hardware is in the UK). But there's a catch (of course). Actually, a couple of catches. The power supply is completely dead. According to the previous owner, who is another collector of these machines, he ran it up after getting it, and the power supply emitted much smoke and promptly died. Can't be good.

Power Macintosh 8200/120

The other catch with this machine is that it's of the era where Apple used plastic that becomes very brittle with age and UV exposure. This one has it to the point where I have to be very careful with any plastic part as it may snap. It was supplied with a bag of all the plastic parts that broke previously.

My original plan with this one was to try to convert it to an ATX power supply rather than the proprietary supply that Apple used. However, the day I got it, I found a rare but strangely inexpensive replacement on eBay, so I snapped that up. The power supply is interesting as its huge bulk also contains a fan, which operates as the system fan as well as the power supply fan.

Power Macintosh 8200/120 PSU

All of this is a bit of a gamble, however, as it's unknown whether the machine actually works or not. I'm waiting for the power supply to arrive, and then I'll get testing. If it works, I'll start a process of attempting to fix/replace some of the plastic parts to bring it up to a decent condition. If not, well, there's a handful of parts I can use, and the upside is that I don't have to repair the plastic!

More on this once the PSU arrives...